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Nov 19

Excerpts from House Millar @ Live to Read

Blood’s Voice “Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I be you,” the strange female streamed, where I could hear but he never could have. “Get away from him,” I growled in return. She moved away a little but relatively stayed her ground. Moving in to wrap one arm around his waist, I pulled …

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Nov 17

Blood Bound Excerpt at Jeanz Book…

EXCERPT – BLOOD BOUND BY AINE MASSIE By the time I had calmed and settled down I was not sure where I even was anymore.  I was wandering in a park of some kind, but it was a human made one.  There were paths and lamps, humans jogging and pets running.  I would have to find out where …

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Nov 17

Blood’s Voice Excerpt at Jeanz Book…

EXCERPT – BLOOD’S VOICE BY AINE MASSIE Entering Kayla’s room, I stopped dead in my tracks.  One, two, . . . too many people.  Not only were Kayla, Skye, and Nicholas here but so were Peony and Geoff.  “Um, what is going on?” “And why are you all waiting in my sister’s room,” Declán added. “That too.” …

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Nov 06

Blood Bound Excerpt @ CEWTNK

CSWTNK has a sneak peak inside Blood Bound (House Millar book #2), which is the sequel too Blood’s Voice (which was on CEWTNK a few weeks back! She will also have a set of this great series to give away during the gratitude hop the Nov 17th – 27th, so take a look!!) How many …

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Oct 28

BLOG TOUR: House Millar Books 1 & 2 – Excerpts

BLOG TOUR: House Millar Books 1 & 2 – Excerpts   Hello ladies and gents! This here post is a little stop for Aine P. Massie’s House Millar blog tour. She’s the fabulous author of Blood’s Voice and Blood Bound, the first two books in the series. I’m here today to bring you a little taste of …

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Aug 29

Tour: Blood’s Voice Excerpt

Check out the excerpt from Blood’s Voice over at Speak Without Interruption.  They have posted a nice sized excerpt for all you book fans to nibble upon.   Blood’s Voice Info: Anya Millar had no memory of her life or an instruction manual on how to navigate the insane world of humans, biting, and reality. …

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Jun 09

Blood’s Voice Excerpt

 Here’s a short excerpt (if you prefer static pages) for your entertainment: Blood’s Voice – Excerpt Available through: Google Books — Amazon.com — Barnes & Noble Smashwords.com — Omnilit.com — Lulu.com — iBookstore and more Check the side bar for more options!


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