House Millar

House Millar

Mistress Anya Millar (Anya O’Corr)

She is the leader of the House Millar and has a special gift in the form of her voice. She can command to the point of even killing if she choses. She has the unfortunate distinction of being an aberration (a vampire that refuses to kill humans to survive – thus retaining her eye colour and humanity). She is fluent in Irish, English, French, and ASL.

Nicholas Young

He is the bonded mate of Anya and Declán. He is also and aberration and works along side Declán as Anya’s guard and has been teased for playing superhero for the humans.

Declán Keane (Guardian / Cosantóir)

He is a human Guardian (a natural-born vampire hunter). His love of Anya and Nicholas is undeniable and dedicated. Many vampires see him as a pet. He is the twin brother of Kayla. He is fluent in English and ASL.

Kayla Keane (human)

She is a human and the twin sister of Declán. She is also the long-time girlfriend of Skye.

Skye Barrister (human)

She is a human and best friends with Anya, Nicholas, and Declán.

Geoffrey Millar

Geoff is a vampire aberration and Anya’s "adoptive" big brother. His is originally from England.    

Peony Millar

She is a vampire aberration and Geoffrey’s wife. She and Geoff are patrons of the arts. She runs a small gallery.    


Amber Young

She is Nicholas’ "mother" and wife to Jonathan Young. She is very dedicated to her family and works in the human world.    

Jonathan Young

He is Nicholas’ "father" and sire. He is married to Amber and has extensive connections in the vampire world.    

Louie (Lord Louis)

He is friends with Jonathan and the mate of Simon. He was once involved with Anya, though she has no memory of him. Louie is very well connected in the vampire world. He willingly becomes Anya’s servant. He is fluent in many languages but has never learned Irish or ASL.  


He was a traditional vampire but changed diet and pledged his service to Mistress Anya. He is also Louie’s mate. He assists Louie however he can.    


He is the only known deaf vampire. He is an aberration, though in his case it’s a side-effect of his gift, not a moral choice. He is an Ealaíontóir Ó Fuil (blood artist/mage) and considered his joining the House
Millar to be a gift to them.

Friends / Associates

Star (Bloodless Immortal)

She is Anya’s adoptive mom and Bloodless Immortal. She is also a Domme and owns Club Eternity.

Lady Shirin

She is the leader of the Vampire Council. She is also one of Louie’s ex-lovers. She adores Anya and seeks to assist Anya and her House, though most of her help is behind the scenes.

Thomas and Caria

Thomas was a member of the Elder House that hunted Anya. He helped her escape and continues to help protect her against his previous House. Caria is his mate.


She is a friend of Louis and Simon. She is on Anya’s side though both terrified and jealous of her.


She is the vampire mistress that rules Donovan’s House under Anya’s rule.

Mandy and Dave (humans)

Mandy is Star’s Mistress (bdsm) friend from NYC. She and her husband/servant, Dave, come to visit and help train Anya now that she has a servant.

Pyotr Dikau

He is a Guardian turned vampire. He shows to to protect and teach Declán. Anya does not trust him.


He is the tech-geek for Mistress Aleksandra’s House. He also happily serves Mistress Anya in the same role.

Lord Lorccán

He is a new vampire friend of Anya’s.  He has the same inability to touch Anya that Declán used to suffer.


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