Thoughtful Thursday – 10/13

Thoughtful Thursday Time Again!
What shall we think about today? Something fun I think.
I wonder…You have just been given an infinite amount of money, what would you do with it? 


Mmmm…. interesting thought.  I have thought about this off and on… if I had the money I would do …

Pay off all my debts, set up college funds (nice sized) for all my kids -bio or not, buy a house (big with lots of wooded land)… new car (for myself and my 2 oldest who are eak!!! old enough now 🙁 )…

Then I would focus on donating to charities for *Autism/Aspergers, GLBT, **EDS, children, literacy, books for children-hospitals-libraries, Shriners, and probably a dozen others I can’t think of right this minute.

After that I would like to travel.  Take my kids to see all the places I’ve always wanted to go to like Ireland, England, Australia, Scotland, Japan…


* Two of my boys are Dx’d with
**EDS = Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Thoughtful Thursdays #1


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Thought of the Day:

If you could be any character in any book, movie, or TV show – who would you be? And why? Make your decision on how you feel at the moment you see this question. I know I change my mind everyday.

My Answer:

Right now I’d have to say Buttercup from Princess Bride.  Who wouldn’t want to find true love, have hot guys at your beck and call, and get to have the hottest kiss in history?  I’ve never loved how weak she is but I just love the fact that Westley goes through all that, including being mostly dead, to get back to his true love. . . Buttercup.

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