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Turn The Page….

an LGBT donation anthology for Suicide Prevention and Awareness
by Tempeste O’Riley, Dianne Hartsock, Nikki Prince, Grace R Duncan, Sue Brown, Aine P Massie, Carole Cummings, Hope Ryan, Mark Zubro, Antonia Aquilante, Donovan Zander Crane

October 7th, 2016
Abbey of the Brew City Sisters
Adult Romance with a wide array of genres, depending on the story told

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Summary of Butterfly

Kyndra visits Jaiden’s shop for a little birthday shopping but is there for more than the pretty blown glass designs she makes—lovely though they are. What she really wants is a date with the beautiful craftswoman. But can she push her fears aside and ask, or will her past get in the way? With Jaiden’s help, can who Kyndra is inside finally shine?



Turn The Page…. began as a simple idea and grew from there. No matter how bad things seem to be, just turn the page, there’s more-better-things to come. This is only one chapter in your life. It’s not the whole story. With this simple idea, Novice Sister Eroti-Quill-whom most know better as Tempeste O’Riley-began their quest to help Suicide Prevention and Awareness programs in their area. They managed to con (excuse me, convince) other authors to donate their time and stories to the project, and now, many months later, Turn The Page…. is born!

The authors in this anthology donated their talent as a way to support Eroti-Quill’s hope for others, to help bring strength to programs that so desperately need funding. It will allow them show those that need support but may not have it, or that may be afraid to reach out, just how much love and understanding surrounds them. Turn The Page…. is a diverse range of stories about the journey of love, hope, and acceptance.

All proceeds go to support suicide awareness and prevention programs: The Trevor Project, Prevent Suicide WI, and Life Happens, UWM Cares.

  • Happy Birthday to Me by Tempeste O’Riley
  • Robin’s Confession by Dianne Hartsock
  • Purr by Nikki Prince
  • Lockdown by Grace R. Duncan
  • Ducks in a Row by Sue Brown
  • Butterflies by Áine P Massie
  • Once Step Back by Carole Cummings
  • Love and Hope and Magic by Antonia Aquilante
  • Superheroes by Hope Ryan
  • Unworthy by Mark Zubro
  • Façade by Donovan Zander Crane

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