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Blood’s Voice

a House Millar novel
Áine P Massie

March 15, 2014
Encompass Ink, Teen (CHBB Publishing) 
New Adult Paranormal Romance

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Summary of Blood’s Voice

Sometimes fate has a wicked sense of sensibility.

Awakening to a new world of blood and fear, Anya Millar sets forth on a path of discovery. One which will hopefully uncover clues to her past. Little did she know she was on a cataclysmic collision course into the world of the undead as well as nocturnal love ripe for the history books.

Nicholas defends his grounds and the humans within it with a fury unmatched to find and win back the object of his eternal love, before harm does. He never counted on complications of the heart or the new cravings taking him to the brink of madness.

Declán is a natural born vampire hunter, a Guardian. But when he stumbles into the path of Anya and Nicholas, his heart rules him without hesitation…



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