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Welcome to today’s taste. It’s from my soon to be re-released novel Blood’s Voice (unedited version used). Blood’s Voice is a new adult, paranormal romance focusing on Anya, Declán and Nicholas (Declán is the only human in the triad, btw). We join Anya today as she finally sees Nicholas for the first time… again.

Coming March 15th 2014
Attraction, Love, & Enchantment.
Blood’s Voice – Áine P Massie, #CHBB

“Hello, my name is Nicholas.” He gave me a gentle smile and offered me his hand. “I hope you don’t mind I came personally instead of sending someone.”

In front of me stood a young man of perhaps twenty – well physically. He wasn’t human, so no telling how old he actually was. He stood at eye level to me in my heels, so he was a little over six feet, maybe six-one or six-two, icy pale skin – much lighter than mine – with rather fascinating auburn and blond hair down to his shoulders. He had the most enchanting blue eyes – the same clear blue found in snorkelling areas around ocean reefs – not the black-void ‘devil eyes’ Star had told me those that hunt humans have, thankfully. Beautiful!

He gave a soft chuckle, still with his hand out, “I won’t bite,” he said with a wink, “honest.”

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  1. Delightful! I love the way you described the allure of the color of his eyes. I am good to go with that alone!! I added you to the TT Blog and to my blog so you have not been forgotten!! Great Taster <3 xo

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