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Welcome to today’s taste. It’s from my soon to be re-released novel Blood’s Voice. Blood’s Voice is a new adult, paranormal romance focusing on Anya, Declán and Nicholas (Declán is the only human in the triad, btw). We begin in Anya’s bedroom as she prepares to meet Nicholas for the first time… again.

Coming March 15th 2014
Attraction, Love, & Enchantment.
Blood’s Voice – Áine P Massie, #CHBB

After rummaging through my large walk-in closet for the fifth time, pulling outfits out, rearranging pieces, then putting them all back again, I settled on a light-green silk dress with matching heels. My strange emerald eyes always looked amazing when I wore any shade of green.

A car pulled up outside. The soft snick of a door echoed in my ear like I was standing next to it. The light brush of someone’s feet on the path up to our door and then a gentle rap, rap drew my attention.

I looked at Star and swallowed hard. I headed to the door, mustering my courage, and opened it wide.


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  1. Her anticipation of Nicholas’s arrival can’t escape my own anxiety as she opens the door. This line sucked me into the suspense: “he soft snick of a door echoed in my ear like I was standing next to it.” I need to read the interaction between them.

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