Glamour Blade ~ #8sunday

Yeah . . . it’s Weekend Writing Warriors’ 8 Sentence Sunday! How about another 8 sentences from my WIP, Glamour Blade – book 3 in the House Millar series?

Entering the club was surreal in the extreme. The music thumped to the point I felt it more than heard it—which, with the hearing of a sidhe, was saying something indeed. The low lights flickered against the dark wood and too many bodies kept the place shifting and mysterious as I looked around. Lights flashed over the dance floor giving a strangeness to the dancers appearance—a sort of ethereal, shimmering draw.

Of course, that was deliberate on the part of the owners, easier to hide in plain sight. Vampires, with their slightly luminous skin, were something to behold under certain types of lighting, unless precautions were taken.

I appreciated that the smoking ban was respected here, since I hated the smell of cigarettes almost as much as the taste of it on my tongue.

I had grown tired of club hopping, especially since I never seemed to be sent to the nicer places.

© Áine P Massie


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  1. The opening detail about feeling the music more than hearing it is awesome! I’ve been to concerts like that. Really I loved that whole paragraph. The very last sentence made me laugh. Poor guy.

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