Six Sentence Sunday: Glamour Blade

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to my six. He’s a snippet from my paranormal WIP, Glamour Blade, book 3 in the House Millar series. This week continues (with only 2 sentences between) from where we left off last week.

Bars are fine I just dislike the seedier ones, you know . . . where no doesn’t seem to mean no. Thankfully this was not the usual. Two servants that I was able to convince to chat with me swore the aberration had been to this club lately and was supposed to be returning, tonight. Now to hope I can find him and gain his attention. Knowing he had a thing for leather I had dressed in my tightest leather pants, added a tight mesh top that showed off my smooth chest, tattoo, and pierced nipple. Add in the kohl around my eyes, the shimmering platinum ringlets that my hair naturally falls into, and the glitter sheen on my cheeks and I was guaranteed to turn heads.

Thanks for stopping in and having a peak!

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