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Interview with Anya Millar

Blood's Voice & Blood Bound Virtual Tour

A lovely young woman, I believe her name was Peony, led me out onto the veranda of the beautiful home that is the House Millar.  The charming Mistress Anya was already waiting on me.  She even though of my human needs – a snack and drink were laid out on the small table beside the empty chair.  Once I was settled Anya offered me tea as I thanked her for this rare opportunity.

Thank you for allowing me this inside peek into what makes you, you.

You are quite welcome.  I don’t mind speaking to others as long and they remember the rules.  *wink*  Though, you have to by default, being human and all.

True.  I’ll start off with an easy one.  You’re a vampire?

Yes.  Though I’m an aberration in my world.  I refuse to kill humans just to live.  I am not fluffy though – so do not underestimate me or those you see that live here.  We are lethal when we need to be but humans are off the diet.

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