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Entering Kayla’s room, I stopped dead in my tracks.  One, two, . . . too many people.  Not only were Kayla, Skye, and Nicholas here but so were Peony and Geoff.  “Um, what is going on?”
“And why are you all waiting in my sister’s room,” Declán added.
“That too.”
“Relax little sis, we are all here because Kayla here came up with an interesting idea for everyone.  We are all going to the party together,” Geoff said smiling at me.  Nicholas had a confident posture and a wicked grin.
“What party,” asked Declán?  “I was planning on taking Anya to a movie actually.”
“Shhhh. . . big brother, we already have both your outfits ready.  Just go get changed.  Your clothes are on your bed,” she added pushing Declán out the door.  “As for you Anya.  Skye. . .”  Skye grabbed my hand and started pulling me out of the room too.
We entered the large master bath where it seems my clothes were waiting.  An embroidered silver satin corset that tied up the back was laid out for me; it was a shorter kind, the type that would leave my lower midriff exposed entirely.  Next to it was a long, silver satin hip-hugger skirt with slits up both sides to just above the knee.  Seems they even though of footwear for me; there were knee high boots with 3-inch heels, again in silver, sitting on the floor in front of the sink.

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