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By the time I had calmed and settled down I was not sure where I even was anymore.  I was wandering in a park of some kind, but it was a human made one.  There were paths and lamps, humans jogging and pets running.  I would have to find out where I was before I could worry about getting back home. (Tracking my own path there was not interesting when there was a new place to explore.)  It was early morning and while the sun weakens us, it was not like a human was going to know that or be a threat to me even so.
Someone caught my attention just then.  There was a strange, pale man casually leaning against one of the light poles watching me.  He was lighting a cigarette – nasty habit.  His interest seemed strange since I didn’t belong here, or even know where here was.  I tried to ignore him as I walked on, hoping to find the exit so I could discover where I had ended up.
Unfortunately, walking towards the exit led me past the pale stranger.  I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched as I passed him.  Still, why was he staring so intently?  That’s when it hit me.  He wasn’t human!  He was like me, a vampire.  Great.  But, why hang out in the light, at a park?  While hunting, parks were often favoured but not with this many people and not in the light.  I couldn’t manage to not look at him but refused to make contact.  Except, then he did.
He shoved away from the pole, smirking at me as he looked me up and down carefully.  I didn’t know if he had void eyes or if he might be another aberration, his shades were too dark.  What truly took me by surprise was when he signed instead of speaking to me.  “Who are you?

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