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Hello one and all! Today we have special guest author, Áine P. Massie, dropping by Breaking Bookshelves and being awesome! She’s agreed to do this little interview here on Breaking Bookshelves just to inform us a little bit about her House Millar series~ So sit back, get some coffee or tea, and enjoy!


That sounds very interesting! I’m guessing it was like getting to know completely new people! What made you decide to write mainly about vampires instead of some other mythological creature? Did you try to stick with original vampire lore?

I have always been fascinated with vampires and the various incarnations, be it in books, comics, movies, etc. Vampires are not the only mythological creatures in the HM series, by the way. Book 3, Glamour Blade, is told from the POV of Sir Rory, a sidhe warrior sent to help the Guardians.

As to original lore . . . Actually, you have to understand that there is no such thing as “original lore” for vampires. Each culture that has believed in blood drinking creatures has also had their own ideas of what those beings looked like, were hurt by, acted like . . . My vampires are day walkers (but technically so was Dracula is you read the old book carefully – it was possible for him to be out in the day), though the sun does weaken them to a nearly human endurance. They cannot eat but they drink if it’s mixed with fresh blood. Their fangs are retractable but when retracted, the eyeteeth are slightly pronounced. They have the currently common beauty and grace but they are allergic to silver.

There are other things about them too but the key is that there is lore basis for each of the main traits my vampires have. No, they’re not Angel or Edward nor are they Dracula or Nick Knight but rather they are the unique, blood drinking beings that inhabit my story world.

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